System Architecture

System Architecture

Apollo offers users a number of unique advantages when deploying mobile solutions for uninterrupted access to secure LAN applications anywhere. anyplace at anytime.

Brand's product suite consists of the following major components:

- Apollo Anywhere Client (Software)

- Apollo Anywhere Server (Hardware)

- Apollo Management Server (Hardware)

The Apollo architecture, developed over many years, might appear complex but is highly modular in nature, which has enabled Brand to continue to react quickly to market needs and develop additional services and features, as required, without having to change the core architecture. The result is a well proven and established mobile data solution that improves transaction speed, reduces costs and offers total reliability in use. With a secure VPN based connection providing seamless roaming over GSM, GPRS, 3G, WiFi or WiMax, with full system management and load balancing.

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Diagram: How Apollo Works

The Basic Architecture

Apollo provides a remote user (i.e. a user who for some reason cannot be physically connected to a LAN environment) with full access to LAN and/or Internet Services, via whatever communications medium is available. By definition remote users can be mobile (e.g. train or car), in a hotel room, in a customer's premises, in a truly remote location, or working from home. In these examples, the typical communications options are ISDN, PSTN, GSM, GPRS, HSCSD, Satellite, WLAN (802.11b), WiMax (802.16), HSDPA, DVB or 3G. Apollo allows the remote user to connect into the LAN environment via the chosen communications system in a simple, secure, resilient, high speed and cost effective manner.

The Apollo solution has been designed to move with the advances in technology. It is an innovative mobile data client / server solution that compliments the user's choice of hardware platform and software applications. Unlike some solutions that expect the user to make dramatic changes, Apollo seamlessly extends the LAN environment at both ends via its transparent hardware and software elements. Apollo consists of software for the mobile user and a hardware / software access solution within the network or LAN environment.

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