Apollo Management Server

Apollo Management Server

The Apollo Management Server provides comprehensive failover capabilities in the case of server failure, site loss and planned outages such as maintenance on individual servers, for example, if one server fails, the load is automatically distributed between the remaining servers. It also improves server fault tolerance and end user response time, helping bottlenecks by forwarding requests to servers best suited to handle them.

Apollo can use a number of different criteria to determine how to distribute the load among the servers. This can include geographic locations, current Apollo Anywhere server loadings, number of users or multi-site failover.

As part of the overall management of the mobility system, the Apollo Management Server acts as the relay agent for customer care information gathered from the Apollo Anywhere Server. The server makes this information available to multiple applications. The information can be exported to internal databases and applications and also logged to SQL database, CSV file format and PC based Apollo Customer Care applications.

The server also is capable of supplying a GPS output and other location information in GIS API formats including integration with Microsoft MapPoint and other third party platforms. This mode also has bandwidth and signal strength capture and can produce maps for carriers’ coverage and capability analysis. This capability supports EVDO, HSPA, LTE, Wi-Fi, WiMAX and other WAN networks such as Trunk Radio.

Another useful feature is Dynamic DNS, which provides name lookup service to LAN applications and services allowing them to resolve user names, MAC Addresses, machine names and other identifiers to the current IP address assigned to the relevant anywhere client.

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