Bandwidth Bonding

Bandwidth Bonding

Bandwidth bonding is designed to utilise the bandwidth of multiple device connections simultaneously giving you superior mobile connectivity. The Apollo solution aggregates all the wireless connections of bandwidth together such as 3G, Wifi, WiMAX and broadband to form a single virtual pipe. Bandwidth bonding is especially important for bandwidth-intensive and latency sensitive applications such as video conferencing or surveillance and VoIP in wired and wireless environments.

When bonding channels it is vital to have an awareness of the available bandwidth of each connection, so that it is possible to control the amount of data sent through each channel, particularly if they have different bandwidths.

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Diagram: Bonding over different mediums

At the same time, by fragmenting packets, it is possible to split a packet down two channels. This helps to reduce the effective overall round trip time because the serialisation delay is halved since the data is being sent on two channels simultaneously. This can also help boost the overall speed of the connection.

The complexities of successfully bonding channels, especially over different combinations of network/media, are evident by the number of operators and service providers who have struggled to offer such a service. The traditional bonding method used in the past with ISDN networks, for example, link layer bonding, is very inflexible in comparison with the Brand approach of combining different bandwidth sources in a single aggregation, such as GPRS, 3G, WLAN, WiMAX and satellite.

Bonding the links provides greater redundancy, if one of the bonded links fails, then the client can continue to use the remaining links without interruptions.

Bandwidth bonding is also used to significantly reduce the cost of wide area networking by allowing multiple, lower cost and lower bandwidth links to replace expensive managed services without loss of availability or performance.

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