Apollo Anywhere Client Software

Apollo Anywhere Client Software

The ‘remote’ element of the Apollo solution is the Anywhere client – a software application that sits on the users PC/laptop or other mobile device.

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The Apollo Anywhere Client is self-installable and simple to roll-out, activated via the serial numbers. There are no complex configurations required, the software client is set up by making basic selections from drop-down lists. This reduces the burden on system administrator who whom configuring remote devices can be costly and difficult.

The Apollo Anywhere Client provides onscreen status checks and statistics activated from the Windows menu bar ensuring that the user is kept informed in a non-invasive manner. The user remains unaware of the Anywhere client as it is working to provide seamless connection to the two Wi-Fi variants, seamless transitioning and bonding them without loss of session or VPN.

The ongoing management of security policy, authentication and certification is handled seamlessly and transparently as is Apollo’s channel bonding capabilities – the Anywhere client can be configured to aggregating bandwidth across 2.5 GHz Wi-Fi and 4.9 GHz Wi-Fi, with the only evidence to the user being that they experience data moving more rapidly.

For the systems administrator the benefits are equally clear – the ability to deploy fully secure, managed remote users on a resilient network, minimizing support and deployment costs but maximizing employee throughput. Apollo also provides a platform for launching highly cost-effective applications, such as VoIP, as well as enabling “push” application. Built-in GPS with auto-routing, linked to a central office dispatch is also provided by the Apollo Emulator as are SOS alerting and secure messaging. The Apollo Anywhere client also provides a dashboard for integration with 3rd party applications.

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